What is remarketing?

Many times a user logs on to a website and browses different things but doesn’t buy anything and leaves. The process to retract that user back to the former website is called remarketing. In short, it is an e-marketing technique used to reengage potential customers. It is an efficient way of increasing your conversion rates and achieving targets.

Conversion rates aren’t just boosted by sales, the user or the potential customer has to follow- through any action. Like signing up for the newsletter by providing their email address, creating an account on the website, following the business on social media, sharing their stuff on social media, filling an online survey, etc.

About 90% of the users visit a website without taking any action. Using remarketing techniques you can convince them to come back and make a purchase or signup for the newsletter.

An efficient remarketing program will enable you to track the interests of a potential customer and time spent on each page. This mechanism is very simple and easy as explained below:

  1. Potential customer logs onto a website
  2. You track which pages they’re showing an interest in
  3. You identify what articles are on that page
  4. The potential customer leaves without converting
  5. You post relevant ads on other websites


It is a common trend that users on multiple websites don’t like to see ads, they’re annoyed by them and waste their time. Many people use adblockers now to avoid these ads. But according to a very recent survey, 77% of people stated they don’t mind seeing ads as long as they are relevant and not annoying, they would prefer a program that filters ads for them according to their choice instead of blocking them out completely. If a company can boost the relevance of their ads they are most likely to increase their conversion rates. According to ComScore, remarketing ads can increase conversion rates up to 1,046%.

There are multiple types of remarketing as discussed below:

  • For users who have visited your website and showed interest
  • Email remarketing
  • Remarketing list search ads
  • Search retargeting
  • Video remarketing

Users who have visited your website

It is the most common form of remarketing. It involves ad displays for people who have already visited your website and showed interest in your materials. Most of these types of remarketing campaigns are done through Google ads. This offers you access to millions of potential customers all over the world.

Email remarketing

This type of remarketing allows you to target people in your mailing list. Ad campaigns can be customized specially for those users who view your mails regularly. Since people who open and study your mails are already partially interested in what you have to offer, they get attracted more when you present them a discount.

Search Retargeting

This type of remarketing is different and unique. In this, you look at what people have been searching on different websites and then in different ads you show your similar offerings. This type of remarketing has a very broad scope, it will allow you to look at your competitor’s customers and can help you build your customer base from customers of your competitors.

Video remarketing

You can also display your ads on youtube and other platforms with the help of google. People who have at least once visited your channel can also see them.

How to build an approach ?

  • Decide which pages you want to tag. Tagging the right pages will help you go a long way. There are high-value pages and low-value pages. Pages that rich in content and have a history of high traffic are a good choice to be tagged.
  • Giving away discounts and coupons in remarketing ads. People are swayed away by discounts and free stuff, an enticing offer can help you gain conversion rates and customers.
  • Decide how long you want to track your potential customers. This is a very tricky business, you need to make up your plan so that you don’t keep on wasting resources on users who are not likely to convert. After a certain period, you have to stop tracking them.
  • You also need to track customers who have been converted with remarketing ads to make sales. These include 2 groups:
    1. People who have converted in a non-monetary way
    2. People who have made an actual purchase
  • Keep a check on your tracking and tagging activities and make amendments as needed. Whenever you send out content, keep a note on its performance whether it is performing as it should or not. If it is, then keep using the same strategy if not then you need to replace it with something better.

Ending note

Remarketing is the best investment in digital and social media marketing campaigns. The idea and techniques look quite simple but the best results come from a good strategy and know- how.