What is List Segmentation?

List Segmentation is the process of dividing up an email list into smaller groups of contacts that
share something in common, for example, different demographics, use cases, industries,
location, company size, webpage views, and number of downloads of your content and so
forth. It is a technique used by businesses and marketers to send relevant communications to
specific people in an email marketing list. List segmentation allows you to send the right
people the most pertinent content at the ideal time.

You can segment your lists of contacts and leads by data collected on form submissions as well as the specific interactions they have with your marketing after they’re already a lead in your database. These actions can be things like clicks on a specific CTA, tweets at your company’s Twitter handle, or views on a specific page on your website. They can all help you get even more specific with your segmentation.

What are segmented emails ?

Segmentation is the division of email subscribers into smaller segments based on set criteria. Typically, segmentation is used as a personalization tactic to deliver more relevant email marketing to subscribers based on their geographic location, interests, purchase history, and much more. Segments are created so that the marketer can cater specifically to each different email list and that list’s independent interests, rather than creating one mass message for all.

What is click segmentation ?

Click segmentation is a process of having contacts self-segment, based on a link, or links, they click on. From a marketing point of view, using click segmentation enables you to send targeted email campaigns. Segmenting your contacts, and sending out targeted email campaigns can improve open rates, improve sales/ donations and improve customer relationships.

What is segmentation in CRM ?

CRM is customer relationship management. Segmentation in CRM refers to a powerful marketing technique where you divide your customers in small groups based on similar interests. Once you've segmented your audience into smaller groups, you can target these groups with customer-centric marketing material that generates a huge return on your investment. CRM streamlines this process so you reach the customers who are most receptive to your products and services. Ways in which you can use segmentation in CRM to benefit your brand include analyzing patterns and trends, determining the lifetime value of your customers, increasing sales and increasing engagement.

What Are Three Examples Of Segments That Every Business Should Ideally Have ?

  • Subscribers, leads, customers
  • Leads, prospects, opted-out customers
  • Subscribers, customers, users
  • Unsubscribers, users, customers

How do you segment a mailing list ?

  • Ask for their preference. One way to segment or group your contacts is by using email lists and asking your subscribers to choose the lists they're interested in.
  • Know their location.
  • Pay attention to purchasing behavior.
  • Focus on your relationship.

What is database segmentation ?

Database segmentation refers to the organization of that data in a way that can then influence outreach such as email marketing campaigns, or strategic company decisions like selecting new product lines or determining pricing strategies.