Digital Marketing Reports and Auditing / Monthly Campaign Monitoring

What are your digital marketing reports telling you?

Do you really understand your SEO performance?

Would a digital marketing audit revitalize your online strategy?

Could you benefit from campaign monitoring?

Are spending more and more money on Digital Marketing with no Returns? 

Despite your best intentions, keeping on top of your marketing can be difficult at the best of times, if not utterly impossible. Running a business keeps us busy enough, so it’s easy to neglect marketing until something really bad happens, usually a large loss of money or leads drying up through poor SEO performance.

I implore you, do not wait until it’s too late! If you’re not sure what you’re actually getting from your spend each month or suspect you could be getting more bang for your buck altogether, monthly campaign monitoring can help you to get the most out of your marketing month in, month out.

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Do your digital marketing reports accurately portray your SEO performance?

So maybe you already get a monthly report from your agency, but do you tend to skim over it, not quite understanding what it all means?

Maybe you don’t even get time to do that much and take their word for it that everything is going fantastic! Totally great! No problems at all.

Most of the time, your agency will be doing their best to give you satisfactory results with their services, but I know myself, from working in agencies, they can become complacent if they have a large client base and in many cases make their money by spending fewer hours on your campaign or automating your marketing without revision.

Other times, reports are skewed in their favour, to keep the agency looking good, and keep them out of trouble. Digital marketing audits will explore what your reports are missing, and monthly campaign monitoring keeps your business in the agency’s mind and helps to keep them honest.

Regular campaign monitoring will help your business’s marketing strategy stay flexible around your business needs, Google algorithm changes and advances in digital marketing technologies.

Digital Marketing Audits, Reporting and Campaign Monitoring for peak performance.

With campaign monitoring, you can expect more than simple monthly reporting. I will explain the reports to you in a way that you understand and liaise with the agency to ensure reporting is honest and accurately reflects the goals you’re aiming to achieve.
I will translate the technical elements and dig deep to find you what isn’t being shown, finding strategic opportunities in your marketing activities.
My job is to ensure that your agency is getting your business the most value for money and tying in the agency’s efforts with your current and future business goals.
Just because you receive a report each month does not mean your agency has done any work at all to progress your campaigns. Some agencies and freelancers can rely on silence, taking you for a ride month in, month out. Don’t let this be you. I will help monitor your marketing efforts and make sure you are getting the highest ROI possible, and you don’t have to do a thing.
All you have to do is make the call and get in touch with me today to get started.

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