Client Satisfaction Surveys For Your Agency

It’s likely that you already encourage your own client to do their own customer surveys, knowing that this data will help guide them in customer acquisition and retention, service provision and their overall sales and marketing efforts.

Now, have you given much thought to doing this within your own business?

Many agency owners I speak to are too afraid to ask for feedback from clients, fearful of complaints or misunderstandings. However, many are shocked to find that rather than a brutal bombardment of negative feedback, they receive incredibly powerful insight into the needs and wants of their clients, fueling better business decisions and higher satisfaction amongst their clients.

I can help you to discover what it is that your clients are thinking and feeling and use it to your advantage. You could use this information to turn disgruntled clients into happy clients and turn happy clients into evangelists, singing your praise on social media and raving in reviews!

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Independent customer surveys show them that you care.

We’re not all mind readers. So how can you improve upon the things that matter when you haven’t even asked the people who count?

Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth with third-party client satisfaction/customer surveys. Don’t fear feedback any longer because it’s a very powerful tool that can boost your business and help you to resolve issues before they become disastrous.

Rather than going through the motions and just hoping you’re getting it right, let me speak with your clients directly to uncover what your business is doing right and what could be improved upon, so you regain control and rapport with your client base.

Surveying customers accelerates growth by allowing you to amplify positive feedback, via social media, reviews, testimonials and case studies.

Gauging client satisfaction is crucial in determining how your business is performing and what training and resources your teams need in order to better service your clientele.

Boost retention rates with third party client surveys .

Don’t just assume clients are happy because they’re still with you!

Instantly improve your relationship and rapport with clients, whether they were a little indifferent towards you or starting to turn a little sour.

If you can save your client before heading into retention mode, you are making money!

Impress them by asking about their experience with your service and keep them feeling appreciated and heard even when other agencies go knocking at their door.

It’s your responsibility as the head of an agency to ensure the values of the agency are being upheld and that the relationships made with you clients are maintained in accordance to your values.

Why use a third party for client satisfaction surveying ?

People generally aren’t too keen to give their honest opinion when it comes to feedback, and it’s much easier for them to speak freely if it’s with a third party, rather than directly to you.

No one wants to hurt anyone’s feelings and to be fair, you don’t need the distraction of hearing anything unhelpful or negative pulling you away from focusing on your business.

When I perform independent customer satisfaction surveys I know what to ask and what to listen out for. I know what to follow up on and how to make sure your clients feel understood and appreciated.

I speak with your clients as an unbiased third party and use my extensive agency and marketing experience to focus on the important elements of conversation, ensuring we get information most conducive to success.

Using a third party shows your clients you mean business and you care about their interests and experiences with your service. It improves the performance of your staff, the efficacy of your services and ultimately provides a real and long-lasting foundation for the future of your business.

What are you waiting for?
Protect your client base and leverage your happy customers to grow your business.

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