Business process improvement for agencies

Too many agencies learn this the hard way; Production is just as important as the sale! What’s the point of making sales if you can’t follow through and deliver? You won’t keep your clients, you’ll narrow your chances of getting new clients and to top it off, you’ll be throwing money down the drain in wasted resources.

Business process improvement is surprisingly overlooked in agencies, considering how it impacts your business in every way, including implementation of work, communication, culture, sales and efficiency. It’s interesting that we don’t consider it so crucial, but to be fair, many of us trust our teams to get things done and at the end of the day it does get done.
But could it be done a little better? Could it be done a little faster?
Could it be done differently?

Of Course!

Agencies tend to begin as start-ups or one-man shows, and that’s awesome, fewer people means fewer processes, and the work gets done and the cycle repeats itself. However, more work equals more processing, and this is where the wheels fall off for many businesses.

Hire Me!

If you are not continuously examining your business processes and working to improve them, they are deteriorating. They are taking longer to perform; they are becoming outdated and they are costing you time and money.

Across the board things might seem okay and your agency is getting by, but when you scratch a little deeper there are a range of issues and it doesn’t simply affect quality or delivery of work.

It includes widespread operational issues such as faulty or slowed process within or between departments, delays or complications in dealings with clients and employee issues arise such as accountability and capability of staff.

These issues affect work quality and company culture as well as your bottom line. Some common problem areas include:
  • Billing procedures
  • Communication issues
  • Software and licensed products use
  • Missed deadlines
  • Forecasting and forward planning
  • Staff training and culture
  • Workflow efficiency and productivity
Even if there’s no big noticeable production issues right now, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to locate lost revenue and save on resources when you look thoroughly into your production process.
Why Do I Need Business Process Improvement ?

I will evaluate your current processes and situation as well as discuss your issues and goals at length to help you to establish order and efficiency in your organisation.

Too many business owners and CEOs just simply cannot see this issue. It’s not always a case of their head being in the sand either, there’s many reasons why you might need to investigate your business processes. If you’ve noticed any of the following its probably time to act sooner rather than later.

  • Client complaints
  • High attrition rates
  • Staff burn out
  • Quality issues
  • ‘Siloing’ of departments
  • Client complaints
  • Inefficiency
  • Staff burn out
  • Below optimal productivity
  • Delays in turnaround times
  • Decreases in sales
  • Disappointing or not-as-expected profit margin
How can business process improvement help my agency with production?
A smooth and efficient production process is going to make your staff happy, your clients happy and it will make you happy too. You’ll save on resources and money; you’ll no longer have to rely on specific individuals to shoulder responsibility in getting the job done or have to play mediator to responsible parties. Everyone knows what needs to be done, who is doing it and how. Of course, digital marketing is turbulent in nature at the best of times, but think about it, a team with solid processes can grow and adapt to new projects and challenges much faster than a disorganized company. Business process improvement in the form of production process coaching is beneficial for organisations of varying sizes and capabilities. It is especially vital for agencies with:
  • Multi-disciplinary teams
  • Teams working in different locations/time zones.
  • Staff base of employees and freelancers
  • Multiple clients/diverse services
  • Creative agencies
  • Agencies with IT/development specialisations
  • New agencies or restructuring companies
Improve your agency’s business process today!
Improving upon or implementing new processes in your business could save your struggling agency from the brink, just as it could take an already successful agency to the next level. Give your people and processes the attention they need to operate autonomously and to the highest standard, giving you greater success.

Get it Done Right with me today and get your agency’s process and operations optimal. It’s not as hard as you think, and the results are priceless.