Digital Account Manager – The Face of Your Agency

To agency owners, I cannot stress this enough: Account Managers are the frontline staff in your agency, acting as representative and advocate between the client and your business. If you’re not sure just how important this position is, take a look at my blog Why Digital Account Managers Are Critical To A Digital Marketing Company.

I often see business owners blame their clients or external providers such as Facebook or Google for getting poor results for their campaigns, but have you really taken a hard look at your company’s account management techniques?

The relationship between your Digital Account Manager and your client is arguable the most crucial relationship within your digital marketing agency. Even if your work is top notch, without a great digital account manager and good rapport, your clients won’t trust and appreciate the hard work your agency is doing.

In most cases, your digital account manager will be doing the best job they know how to and working within the frameworks you’ve given them to service your clients.

So reinforcing their skills and giving them the tools they need to become a gun digital account manager, sky-rocketing your business growth. Bringing more value to you, more value to clients.

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The Digital Account Manager Overhaul You Didn’t Know You Needed

The process itself is quite simple. However, the knowledge and expertise I will share with you and you team is the sum of many years of experience.

By investing in your digital account management team you’re ensuring that they provide better value for your clients, as well as better value for your company.

I work with you and your digital account manager or team to evaluate current process and procedures and identify inadequate or missing processes. Through this journey we also discover opportunities for increased value and streamlining of tasks.

Working with your company’s goals and culture, I will introduce best practice systems and effective campaign monitoring methods for your digital account manager. This will make their job easier, as well as provide more value for your clients and their marketing strategies.

What will they learn ?

I will work with your account manager to improve their ongoing client communication and retention strategies, making them a powerhouse in client management.

I will show them all they need for account reporting, upselling, cross-selling and optimization, adding to their skills set and contribution to your company.

They will learn to communicate effectively to production teams and external stakeholders, helping to speed up delivery times and prevent production issues.

I will show them how to perform business analysis, manage and create campaign reports, read and interpret marketing analytics, and provide any relevant training for hands-on services like SEO, PPC, Social Media, CRO and other activities your company provides.

Really want to turn your Digital Account Managers into superstars?
Combine Digital Account Manager training with independent client survey/customer survey to really amplify your team’s success and ensure a happy-client base. Because we all know that client satisfaction is paramount if you want to grow your business further.
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